GIMP Massive Package
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GIMP Massive Package - huge amount of plugins, built-in help, Mathmap and resynthesizer

Install Instructions

  1. download the latest version from the GIMP Massive Package project
  2. burn the cd ISO and insert the cd.
    1. start the cd bruning program
    2. burn the cd ISO image to a cd-r as a cd image, not as a data file.
    3. eject the cd when it's done burning. leave the disc in the tray.
    4. close the burning program.
    5. press the button on the optical drive to put the cd back in (for laptops, you have to physically put the tray back in). this should start the setup program.
    6. follow the directions below.
  3. hit next or Enter a bunch of times until it starts processing,
  4. You should get the dialog box "Use defaults on everything. Let gimp run and then close the center GIMP window after it fully starts so configuration files and folders can be set up. the rest of setup will continue after this." read it, remember, and press OK.
  5. Press next, next, install now (Enter a bunch of times). GIMP will start installing. Launch gimp at the end by clicking the Finish button (leave the checkbox enabled!).
  6. Gimp will start. it is not complete. let it start, then close the center window (there is a dialog box that says this, but I have not figured out how to make it top window).
  7. click next several times until gimp help starts processing.
  8. click next a bunch of times until MathMap starts processing. click to accept the agreement (it'as not by default). hit Enter a bunch of times until it processes. click finish.
  9. click finish on GIMPMP setup.
  10. you are done.